​The ​10 Best Squash Rallies from the PSA World Tour

​With so many amazing squash rallies happening on the PSA World Tour, it's hard to keep track of the memorable ones.  It seems like a new one comes along every few days!  

These are the best rallies that I've seen in recent memory​.  I'm sure there were many ​great ones in years gone by, maybe some not ever documented on camera, and definitely not streamed online.  In my mind, these 10 combine the amazing power and fitness in the modern game, along with some of the greatest squash players in history.

​Ramy Ashour vs. Mohamed El Shorbagy - World Championship 2014, Qatar

This rally doesn’t have the craziest shots, but it’s so long and grueling, and also in a high stakes World Championship final.  Ramy was injured in this match but dug deep to win high pressure rallies like this one.

​Ramy Ashour vs. Mohamed El Shorbagy - World Championship 2012, Qatar

This is probably the greatest rally I’ve ever seen, with so many swings in rally momentum.  There are a good 10 shots that could have been outright winners, but Ramy and Mohamed are in their prime and are insanely quick.  Also featuring the crazy between the legs shot that almost ended the rally.

​Ramy Ashour vs. Gregory Gaultier - Tournament of Champions 2013, New York City

One of the great rallies of the last few years, Ramy plucks the ball out of the air with hardly any backswing.  Gregory Gaultier can only look on in disbelief, while the crowd in New York gets a huge thrill.

​James Willstrop vs. Paul Coll - Canary Wharf Squash Classic 2016, London UK

An insane rally between Paul Coll and James Willstrop where the announcers can’t believe what they’re seeing.  Paul Coll rightly earned the nickname “Superman” after this rally.

​Gregory Gaultier vs. John White - Tournament of Champions 2008, New York City

John White always put on a show in his day.  This rally features a great contrast of White’s power and determination, and Gaultier’s speed and controlled shots.  The crowd goes wild after some amazing retrieval from White.

​Daryl Selby vs. Mathieu Castagnet - Windy City Open 2016, Chicago

This ​retrieval by Castagnet leaves Selby shaking his head in disbelief.  The amount of distance Castagnet covers after losing his balance is incredible.

​Mazem Hesham vs. Gregoire Marche - Open International Squash de Nantes 2017, France

Gregoire Marche shows his backhand skills here, against an amazing shot maker in Mazen Hesham.  Marche has great technique when he has time on the ball, with great racket head control.

​Ali Farag vs. Mohamed El Shorbagy - PSA World Series Finals 2017, Dubai

This rally shows the grueling nature of squash, in a long rally full of retrievals.  This 1 rally would exhaust even top-level club players.  What’s even more amazing is Farag and El Shorbagy continued the match at the same high level.

​James Willstrop vs. Ramy Ashour - Allam British Open 2012, London UK

It takes a lot to send Willstrop the wrong way, let alone crashing to the floor.  This rally used all 4 corners of the court, and finishes with a huge dive and great sportsmanship from both players.

​James Willstrop vs. Ramy Ashour - Windy City Open 2014, Chicago

Willstrop is known for his slick backhand drop shots, and he doesn’t disappoint in this rally.  Usually it’s Ramy pulling out the flashy shots, but here Willstrop shows that the Englishmen can do it too.